Automatic Parallel Control Panel
One with all the functions 
One gen-set, one panel. The panel can be used both for singly and parallel. With maximum of undertake 32 generator sets to parallel.
1, Practical: this system realizes one screen for one gen-set, the unit can be either independent single use or for parallel.
2, Simple operation: automatic multilingual operating system, built-in fault detection function, simple peripheral circuit, leave out the trouble of the traditional PLC programming, reduce the professional requirements of the operator, easy for operation and use.
3, Small volume: Single gen-set has ability to parallel.
4, Easy maintenance: all the modules in the controller system all use the same company, with reliable, most of the peripheral controller integrates ever relay logic circuit, simple peripheral circuits, small failure rate.
5, Historical records: records all the fault, operation process, 200 times operation record, convenient to check the faults and operation record.
6, Economical: according to the load size, automatic start appropriate number of gen-set in order to avoid high power small load operation.
7, Long service life: auto switch generator to reduce each of generating unit usage.
8, Reliability: even in maintenance and troubleshooting, also can ensure that more than 50% of the electricity supply.
9, Low initial investment, more economic, only need to install the required power unit, easy to parallel more units in the future.
10, Parallel with city power: this system not only interconnection between unit but also can be used with the city power (unit must be recognized by licensed manufacturers and related power bureau).

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