In the morning of 3rd November, MTU (Germany Daimler-Benz Holding) member of Directors Board Mr Christof von Branconi, accompanied by President of the Asia Pacific region Mr Peter Kneipp and President of China region Mr Chia Heng Onn visited Baifa. During the visit, MTU management gave high mark to Baifa's product design, the international quality of manufacturing process and company administration. The two parties engaged in-depth and extensive exchange of views on present cooperation and future development.
The sincere cooperation between MTU and Baifa starts from 2001. Now Baifa becomes the most important partner of MTU in Asia even in global. For consecutive years, Baifa sells more than one hundred units large power generators powered by MTU engine to high-end fields of global market annually. Especially in 2009 the global ecomomy under the shock of financial crisis, Baifa still made the purchase of 140 units large power MTU engines, and attracted the most attention from MTU management. This visit strengthens the close relationship between MTU and Baifa, also reflects the increasingly important position of Chinese generator manufacturers in the world.