After a year of hard work, Baifa joint development and collaboration Zhejiang recreational Superwatt Tellhow Group, gained the largest UN procurement projects in history- $ 30 million diesel generator set orders to win the honor for the motherland! 
    United Nations procurement of this batch of containerized diesel generator set master mute for peacekeeping around the world, the first batch of 60 units will power 500KVA August shipment to Sudan. 
    The United Nations is the largest global sourcing international organization in 2004 amounted to $ 7 billion global sourcing, but in 2004 the United Nations procurement agencies to direct purchases of Chinese companies totaled only $ 30 million. United Nations has strictly production quality in procurement for subject to tender, Q & A, and then to the respondent, prototype testing, third-party inspection agency certification and other procedures. 
    UN turbine project procurement operations since 1981, after the project has been monopolized by some European and American countries. This single giant domestic enterprises will be supplied directly to the UN headquarters in the largest single business.