Project Background: 
    In the 21th century, natural disasters were frequently caused by the extreme weather in global range, and the Chinese government is continuously increasing its investment to prevent natural disasters. BAIFA Power provided a lot of emergency power generations to water conservancy department for emergency protection in flood defense, and all units are working excellently in harsh operating environment, make outstanding contribution to natural disasters prevention and water conservancy development. 
    On July 4th, 2013, the administrators of Tianjin city and related departments tested the 2 units BAIFA emergency power packs which were provided for one of drainage pumping stations in Jinnan district, Tianjin city. Each unit is prime power 800KW/1000kVA, with auto synchronizing system. During the testing, BAIFA power packs showed 
excellent performance of: 
Easy operation 
Good start ability for driving water pump 
Low fuel consumption 
Stable running 
And the professional of BAIFA engineers were praised by the administrators and users as well. 
Project Photo: 

Product Introduction: 
BAIFA new generation weatherproof & soundproof power packs are specially fixed with foldable cover plate outside of standard air inlet louvers, high reduced the noise to be lower than 81dBa at 7 meters, also improves the rainproof class and prevents the rain & sea wave from flowing into the power packs during shipment. 
BAIFA new generation power packs is with plenty of technology patent, with advantage as below: 
1, BAIFA power packs is with CSC certificate and can be shipped directly as standard container, which save the transportation cost. 
2. The crossbeam of BAIFA container is made by square steel tube (different to standard container), enhance the mechanical strength of container, and withstand higher dynamic load impact when running the power packs. 
3. Adopt impedance composite square muffler, which is mounted inside the container. The top of muffler is made by stainless steel, and the plus thick steel can prevent high-frequency vibration. Also fixed with insulates inside for anti-heat. And there is condensation drainer fixed on the muffler, extend service life of muffler. 
4. High quality and aging resistance soundproof and insulation material is fixed in the container 
5. The hinge, locker and bolts are all made by stainless steel. The container is painted by anti-corrosion polyurethane coatings, which won’t be corroded within 20 years. 
6. The coolant, oil and fuel leakage collection system is designed on the bottom of container, which prevents the coolant, oil and fuel of engine from leaking outside to pollute the environment. 
7. There are two maintenance doors at each side of container and one ladder as well, very convenient for maintenance. 
8. Two units of explosion-proof lamps are fixed inside the container and one unit is fixed on the control panel. 
9. Both the front and back door can be open, easy for maintenance of engine, alternator and radiator, the whole generator can be easily taken out from the container as well. 
10. The control panel and power cable cabinet are designed at the same side of container, which is easy for user to operate and connect the cable. There is also special design on fuel tank, fuel line and oil discharge etc. 
Automatic fuel filling system 
Automatic lube oil filling system 
Double water separator, could do maintenance without stopping the genset 
Automatic synchronizing system 
Others (please check BAIFA genset specification) 
Technology Patent: 
After years of researching, BAIFA R&D department accumulated lots of experience on containerized power packs, obtained plenty of national patent regarding containerized power packs, and provide global customers best power solution with containerized power packs for various application.